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We offer you many varieties of LCD modules to meet the needs of your specific application.

Please drop us a line and we will guide you through the design process.

Company Profile & History

Jul 2007 LCD factory address
119 Lian Xing Lu, Wu Lian Xin Chun, Fenggang, Dongguan, China
Jan 2007 New Numbering System in effective & New Product (KTM20422)!
Jun 2006 New Factory Plant completed in Fenggang, Dongguan, China
Jan 2006 New Organzation Team founded
2001 Installed COG Line in Hong Kong
Started manufacturing in October
2000 Moved to our factory premises
Started Shenzhen Office
1997 Started LCD Module design and manufacturing
Brand Name Module House
1993 Established Glory Sound (ASIA) Ltd
Main business in trading of LCD products

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